• Bardo National Museum.
The richest museum in the world with mosaics exhibiting Roman, Byzantine and Islamic collections.

• Carthage Museum
• Carthage Early-Christian Museum
• Ceramic Museum of Sidi Kacem Jillizi (Medina of Tunis). Hosts one of the oldest ceramic worshops in North Africa, dating back to 15 CAD.

• Dar Ben Abdallah Museum (Medina of Tunis).
Not open for visitors for the time being (under restoration).

• El-Jem Museum
Hosts one of the best examples of Roman mosaics.

• El Kef Museum of Popular Art & Traditions

• Enfidha Museum

• Gafsa Archaeological Museum
• Guellala Ethnographic Museum
• Gabes Ethnographic Museum
• Jerba Museum of Popular Arts & Traditions.
• Kerkennah Museum
(Kerkennah Island).

• Kerkouene Archaeological Museum
Exhibits exclusively Punic artifacts found on the archeological site.

• Monastir Islamic Art Museum
• Mahdia Museum.
• Military Museum – Tunis.
• Mareth II World War Museum. (Mareth)

• Nabeul Museum.
• Numismatic Museum – Tunis
• Postal Museum – Tunis
• Raqqada Museum of Islamic Art
• Sousse Museum
• Salacta Museum
• Sfax Archaeological Museum
• Shemtou Museum Our most recent Museum thanks to German funding and technical assistance.

• Sidi Amor Abada Museum. Zarzis Museum