Who are we?

Fawzi ZagaArcheologica travel is a Tunisian receptive travel company ( S.A .R.L  fiscal matricule …..) Specialized in cultural and historical tours to Tunisia, Algeria and Libya.

What makes archeologica Travel  different ?
When you travel with archeologica Travel, you deal directly with a small travel company .where the proprietor is the manager  and the tour guide at the same time. No intermediaries, we run only one tour at a time, always in small group.
Archeologica Travel gives a human dimension to your trip. While travelling, you will explore and discover, but you will also learn about local communities, which we help promote. Visiting a primary school, a local remote dispensary or a Bedouin family in the nearby archeological site or village is always on the menu. Your travel will be a moment of real cultural bridging and exchange!
Based on two decades of professional experience in cultural and historical tours, we possess extensive field knowledge of the archeological sites and the academic background and experience needed to make your trip a wonderful cultural experience. So, give a human dimension to your travel and make, Archeologica Travel your ultimate travel partner.




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