The Flavors of  the Tunisian Cuisine

Tunisian gastronomy blends Berber, Arab, Turkish and Italian and French contributions.
A cuisine, more or less spicy according to the regions, which offers the very
best of the sun-basked Mediterranean.
In the coastal towns, one can savor delicious fish: bass, daurade, red mullet, grouper and
a variety of sea food: octopus, prawns, calamari, lobster.


Some examples of Tunisian specialties are:

  • Couscous with either lamb or fish, a dish of Berber origin
  • The Tunisian “tagine” – egg-based appetizer with meat and cheese
  • The “brik” with egg – deep-fried folded semolina triangle with a choice of stuffing
  • Fish prepared the “Sfaxian way” – cooked in a vegetable based sauce
  • The “chorba” – soup with meat, tomatoes, celery
  • The pastries – the “makroudh” – fried semolina cake stuffed with date paste
  • The “baklaoua” – flaky pastry with almonds and honey
Wine is an old tradition in Tunisia dating from the Carthage era and carried on by the wine growers form Italy. Among the most appreciated wines, we find the Magon, the Ugni Blanc, the Koudia, the Coteau de Teboulba.
The restaurants are classified from “one fork” to “three forks de luxe”.