General Info


 Area: 164, 000 km2

Littoral: 1, 300 km2

In the North and along the coast: Mediterranean, semi-arid in the interior and the south

Average daily maximum:
57°F in January
73°F in April
89°F in August
79°F in October

Language: Arabic. (French which is taught in grade school is often spoken fluently and now English).

Religion: Muslims (98% population), Jews, Christians.

Population: 11 millions (2009) (37% of which are under 16)

G.N.P. per Inhabitant: US $2, 080 in 1996

Percentage of children in full time education: 96% of the 6 to 12 years old

Literacy Rate: 89.3%

The Tunisian dinar TND (= approximately $1.4), divided into 1, 000 millimes.
The dinar may neither be imported nor exported. Exchanged locally by the banks or by exchange offices in the hotels and airports

Banks close at 4:00pm on Friday, 2:30pm during Ramadan and at 13:00pm in July or August

Credit Cards: Eurocard, visa, American Express, Master card.

Weekly Days Off:
Saturday afternoon and Sunday (as well as Friday afternoon for the administrations).

Museums: Most Are closed on Monday.

Time:  GMT +1.

International Telephone: Country Code 00216 + area code (1 digit) + number (6 digits).

Voltage: 220V

Airports: International airports in Tunis, Monastir, Enfida ,Jerba, Sfax, Tozeur and Tabarka

Commercial Ports: Tunis-La Goulette from Marseille (22 hour crossing) or Genoa, Sousse, Gabes and Sfax.

Access to the Saharian Zones: Strictly in groups and convoys. Inform the National Guard prior to departure

Legendary Horses
Small but tireless, lively but docile, ungainly but fast, the Barb horse is a highly appreciated breed from time immemorial. Carthaginians, Romans and Byzantines valued this horse native to the Berber country, perfectly adapted to the arid regions. Splendid mosaics in the Tunisian museums bear witness to that fact. They may well be the Tunisian horses that the first Moslems who set foot on the African soil adopted and which led them as far as Spain.

Arabian, Barb and Arabo-Barb horses are bred in Tunisia today.